Welcome Bpulse

Bpulse is a web application, , to monitor project-associated time, attendance hours of employees in each project, as well as time-off of the employees for their companies’ billing purposes and to increase the efficiency of the employees in a single package.


Why Bpulse?

Facilitate billing Your Clients

Easier to collect exact amount of time your employees have spent on a project.

Manage Your Team’s Workload

Get your employee status at a glance which will help to manage & improve team efficiency.

Measure your non billable time

Safeguards to help capture of your non billable hours, and not overlook them.

Track Your Project Cost

Track and compare your actual man-hour with estimated man-hours.

Improve Accuracy in Your Cost estimation

Improve Your Competency with effective billing rates.

Benifits of Bpulse?

Alert and notifications

Promptly receive alerts and email notifications when excess of man hour consumption.

Insightful reports

Run reports in real-time and gain critical insights on your performance.

Easy to use

A User-friendly tool which is simple to setup and easy to use.

Maintenance Covered

No additional or hidden cost on hardware, backups or maintenance.

Pay as you go

Bpulse is a pay-as-you-go service. You just have to pay yearly.

  • Basic

  • 14 Dhs / User / Month

    Bill 5 to 10 users
  • 10 Dhs / User / Month

    Bill 11 to 30 users
  • Professional

  • 8 Dhs / User / Month

    Above 30 users